Milo GPS: November 2016 Release Notes

November 2016 Release Notes

HereĀ are the November 2016 release notes for the Milo GPS Tracking system.

New Features

Import Tool Feedback

  • The Import Tools (Client Tools and Settings) now give feedback to the user as records are imported.
  • The imported records will be validated and any invalid records will be displayed.
  • The user can choose to download the invalid records and see why each record is invalid.


Add Units of Measure to Reports

  • All reports with the Fuel Usage column have been enhanced to show the unit of measure in the column header.
  • The sensor data can be configured within Tools and Settings > General Settings > Map Display Options.
  • There is a new column for Show In Mobile Viewer that allows the admin to select which sensor data is displayed in the Mobile Viewer Dashboard.

Geofence Activity Report Filter

  • A Summary filter for the Duration field has been added to the Geofence Activity Report.
  • When the filter is applied the report will be grouped per item and then by geofence.
  • Totals for Duration In and Duration Out will be displayed per geofence.

Assign Existing Notification Popup Enhancement

  • When moving an item with the ‘Assign Existing’ feature and Include History is selected, there will no longer be a notification popup.
  • The Notification will only be shown if the Include History is not selected so the user is aware that any history will no longer be available.

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