Milo GPS: Location List

Location List

The Location List is a list of all the locations that a vehicle has visited. It includes stops, movements, and idling. The list makes it easy to review the vehicle’s activities in an easy to use format.

Every location includes a date and time, address (including city, state, and zip code), and speed. The Location List is available in the Session Info Box on the Tracking Page.

location list

Where Is the Location List?

The Location List is located on the Tracking page in the Session Info Box. Follow the steps below to find it.

1. Go to Tracking page -> click on the green Session Info Box next to the vehicle name that you want to see.



session info box

3. Click on the Location tab.

location list

Change Date

You can very easily change the date of the list to see locations from different days.

1. Click Options


2. Choose Most Recent, Last 7 Days, or Custom. If you want to select a specific date choose Custom.

location list change date

3. The list now shows the new date.


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