How to Setup a Report Subscription – Milo Fleet Management System

How to Setup a Report Subscription

Setup a report subscription to automatically receive a report by email. You can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. The report can be sent as a PDF, Excel, and other popular formats.

Follow the steps below to setup a report subscription.

Note: Click on screen shots to enlarge.

1. From the Dashboard…click Reports tab.

Reports Tab

2. Click My Reports

My Reports

3. Click on the category for the report you want to subscribe to.

Category selection

4. Click the Clock icon next to the report you want to subscribe to. The Report Subscription setup form should appear.

Geofencer with clock

5. Complete the form.

Enter email address into the Email To text box.

Enter an email subject into the Email Subject text box.

Select a language from the Report Language dropdown menu (Default is English).

Select a format from the Report File Format dropdown menu (Default is PDF).

Select a send time from the Report Send Time calendar (Default is midnight).

Select the report frequency from the Report Frequency dropdown menu (Default is Monthly).

Completed Form

6. Click Save. You will now go back to the My Reports screen.

My Reports

How to Confirm Subscription Settings

1. Click on My Reports

My Reports

2. Click on the report category. You should see the subscription settings underneath the report name.

Confirm sub

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