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  • Welcome To Our Customers

    Published October 25, 2013, by Michael Golberg Welcome to our new blog, Our Customers. In this blog we are going to announce our new customers and profile existing ones. We want to share with you what our customers do and how they benefit from GPS tracking. Please check back here often. We have some exciting things to say about our customers! Cheers,… 0 Comments

  • Tracking Page

    Published November 26, 2013, by Jeannette Kremer Tracking Page The Tracking page is where you can see your items (vehicles, assets, individuals) on a map. The icons indicate the last reported location of each item. You can search for old routes, check the status (ignition on/off, idling, or moving) of an item, view alerts, plus much more. You can click on the… 0 Comments

  • Tools and Settings

    Published December 9, 2013, by Jeannette Kremer The Tools and Settings section is where administrative tasks are completed, such as creating users, changing map options, creating landmark types, etc. The Tools and Settings section is accessed from the Dashboard screen. It is comprised of three sections, Client Tools, Landmark Tools, and Security Tools. To access the Tools and Settings click on the… 0 Comments

  • The Electronic Logging Device Mandate Is Here

    Published August 6, 2016, by admin ELD Mandate Is On Its Way The ELD (electronic logging device) mandate will be here very soon. If you are a trucking company or a driver then most likely you will be required to use an electronic logging device to record hours-of-service (HOS). If you don’t already use an ELD then you have 2 choices,… 0 Comments

  • Speeding – Major Factor in Fleet Safety

    Published August 24, 2013, by Michael Golberg When your driver gets behind the wheel of one of your vehicles you place the safety of your fleet in his or her hands. There are many factors that can influence safe driving, such as speed, unfamiliar roads, vehicle maintenance to name a few. However, in this blog we are going to focus on how… 0 Comments

  • Smooth Transition to Electronic Logs

    Published August 8, 2016, by admin Tips for a Smooth Transition The ELD mandate for switching to electronic logs is drawing closer. Many trucking companies are starting to transition now. A smooth transition is critical so that you do not waste time and money. Like most things in life it is about planning. Below is a list of 5 tips to… 0 Comments

  • Routing

    Published November 30, 2013, by Jeannette Kremer Routing You can find the closest item or vehicle to an address or landmark by using the Routing page. You can also get directions from a starting address to an end address. Routing Page Find the Closest Item This tool allows you to find the closest item by using an address or clicking on the… 0 Comments

  • Reduce The Speed of Your Fleet To Lower Fuel Bill

    Published September 27, 2013, by Michael Golberg Lower Your Speed And Your Fuel Bill Reducing the speed of your fleet can significantly lower your fuel expenses. Did you know that when your fleet vehicles go above 60 MPH you could be wasting significant money? The gas mileage of most vehicles starts to decrease between speeds of 55 and 60 MPH. According to… 0 Comments

  • Reduce Idling and Save Money with GPS Tracking

    Published July 26, 2013, by Michael Golberg Vehicle idling can be a huge part of your fuel bill. A vehicle that is idling is not going any where. For example, a diesel truck can waste¬†up to 1 gallon of fuel while idling. A GPS tracking system can monitor when and where your vehicles are idling. Once you know how long and where… 0 Comments

  • Recover A Stolen Vehicle with GPS Tracking

    Published October 17, 2014, by Michael Golberg Stolen Vehicle I was speaking to a customer the other day about their GPS tracking system and he told me an interesting story. He said that he had a stolen vehicle recovered because of his GPS tracking system. As a matter of fact he had two stolen vehicles recovered and almost one more. The third… 0 Comments

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