Reduce Idling and Save Money with GPS Tracking

Vehicle idling can be a huge part of your fuel bill. A vehicle that is idling is not going any where. For example, a diesel truck can waste up to 1 gallon of fuel while idling. A GPS tracking system can monitor when and where your vehicles are idling. Once you know how long and where your vehicles are idling you can address the behavior with your drivers.

A small fleet of 5 vehicles that idles 5 hours per day could waste of up to 5 gallons. That is $17.45 per day at $3.49 per gallon (San Antonio average as of 7/26/2013). The monthly total would be $349 based on a 5 day work week. That alone would more than pay for the cost of the GPS system.

The two best ways to monitor idling in your GPS system is to use alerts and reports. An idle alert will warn you when a vehicle is idling. That will be useful when you want to pinpoint on a map where a vehicle was idling. The idle report is a great way to compare which vehicles or drivers are idling more than others. With these tools you could find money you did not know you had.


Vehicle Idling on Map

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