Live Stream 4 Channel DVR

Live Stream 4 Channel DVR

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  • Live Video Streaming | Built In GPS
  • Prevent Texting While Driving
  • As Low As $30 Per Month
  • Continuous High Resolution Video Recording
  • No Activation Fees | No Long Term Contracts

Product Description

The Live Stream 4 Channel DVR is a commercial grade video camera system designed for any type of vehicle. It is an ideal solution for improving driver safety, controlling theft, and reducing liability. With up to 4 cameras you can capture multiple areas of the vehicle. You can easily monitor the driver, the road in front, interior, back and/or side door. You can also add a backup camera and monitor.

The live stream camera allows you to watch any of the four cameras in real time. You can watch your drivers in real time from the comfort of your home or office. The DVR comes with 3G communication on either T-Mobile or the Verizon network for fast, reliable service.

The DVR continuously records video on a compact flash card. The compact flash card can be removed from the DVR for playback on your computer.

The live stream 4 channel DVR comes with built in GPS to provide real time GPS tracking.

The DVR comes with 4 cameras that can be mounted in a variety of places. You can mount a camera facing the driver, facing the road in front, at the back of the vehicle, or just about any where else.

A live stream GPS video camera can help reduce liability and prevent theft. A video record of your driver’s activities is a valuable tool for enforcing good driving habits. It can also be valuable evidence in the case of an accident.

Video cameras are great deterrents for theft. A camera pointed at the back and/or side door can reduce the temptation to steal.

3G Desktop Viewer

The 3G Desktop Viewer allows you to easily watch live video from any of the cameras installed in the vehicle.

TotalCam Mobile App

TotalCam is the easy to use app for iPhone or Android that allows you to view in real time all 4 cameras. Watch your drivers live from your smart phone. All you need is a reliable 3G connection.

  • Watch Cameras Live From SmartPhone
  • Record Video To Your SmartPhone Or Tablet
  • Take Picture On Demand From Any Camera

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