SmartWitness KP1S

SmartWitness KP1S

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  • Built In GPS
  • Accurate Video Evidence
  • Optional Wireless (3G or WiFi) Video Upload
  • Suitable For Vehicles, Trucks, School Buses, Taxis
  • Detect Critical Events (Impacts, Over Speeding, and Sudden Stops)

Product Description

The SmartWitness KP1S is the world’s most advanced vehicle based video camera with built-in GPS, wireless video upload, and powerful telematics. The KP1S was designed to provide evidence leading up to and during a road traffic event. An alert can be sent instantly with a video a clip of the incident.

The KP1S comes with a 720p wide angle forward facing HD camera to capture any activity that occurs in front of the vehicle. An optional 2nd camera can be connected to record the driver, rear of the vehicle, or side view/blind spot.

With the optional 3G or WiFi dongle video clips can be automatically uploaded to the easy to use M2M website. This eliminates the need to remove the SD card to watch the video.

The KP1S has 2 SD card slots. Each slot can hold 1 32 GB SD card. The total capacity is 64 GB (2 x 32 GB).

The camera is installed directly into the vehicle’s electrical system. The camera starts recording automatically when the ignition is turned on.

It comes with a tamper resistant windshield mount. The angle cannot be adjusted once the locking door is attached.

Efficient Fleets is an authorized reseller for SmartWitness, the industry leader in vehicle CCTV & safety systems. The KP1S can help reduce liability and promote safe driving. A video record of your driver’s activities is a valuable tool for enforcing good driving habits and providing video evidence in case of an accident. Contact us today.


  • HD 170º Wide Angle Lens on primary camera
  • Optional 2nd camera can be connected
  • Dual record mode (continuous + event)
  • Optional audio recording
  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition power
  • Tamper resistant design
  • Key required to access SD card
  • Built in GPS
  • Adjustable resolution and frame rate
  • Built-in G shock sensor
  • Optional real time video upload (3G or WiFi)


Video Resolution: 1280×720, 640×480, 320×240

Recording Speed: Up to 30fps per camera

Recording Modes: Normal (continuous), Event (G-sensor, panic, alarm), Dual (continuous + event)

Recording Time: Minimum: 1 minute; Maximum: 167 hours

Memory: Supports 2 SD cards

G-Sensor: Internal 3-Axis G-Sensor

Buzzer: Recording Start, Error

LED: 4 LEDs (Red, Orange, Blue, Green)

Size (wxhxd) in mm: 110x57x57

Weight: 0.15kg

Operation Temp: -10ºC ~ +55ºC

SmartMail Description

SmartMail is a simple and affordable solution to get video clips from your KP1S camera. When a critical safety event occurs (accident, hard brake, over speed, panic button, or alarm input) the KP1S will send an email with a short video clip of the event.

Email Messages from the KP1S

  • Alert messages (ignition on, speed limit exceeded, errors, alarms, etc.)
  • Event notification (panic, shock, speed, etc.)
  • Send original data
  • Send system information
  • Send preview
  • Daily report
  • Request response

E-Mail Messages to the KP1S

  • Request original data: retrieves original file
  • Request system information: retrieves configuration and status
  • Request preview: query camera for 10 second preview file
  • Remote configuration: update configuration and settings

For More Information

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