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Why Does GPS Tracking Work for Trucking Companies?

Managing a fleet of trucks is difficult to do. There are routes to plan, government rules and regulations to comply with, and expenses to manage such as fuel, labor, and maintenance. A GPS tracking system from Efficient Fleets provides the control that trucking companies need.

We offer a variety of tracking solutions for the trucking industry, everything from electronic logbooks to trailer tracking. With our web based and mobile apps you can manage your trucks from any where. Our solutions can take the headache out of managing complex tasks, such as Hours of Service (HOS), IFTA compliance and preventive maintenance.

  • Improve Driver Safety
  • Quickly Locate Trucks
  • Lower Fuel Expenses
  • Electronic Logbooks
  • Manage Preventive Maintenance
  • Enforce Safety and Compliance Rules

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More Control & Less Headache

Quickly Locate Your Trucks

GPS tracking can help you easily find your trucks from any computer or smart phone. Knowing where your fleet is at any time can give you peace of mind and less headaches.

large truck
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Easily Verify Departure and Arrival Times
  • More Efficient Routing

Boost Efficiency and Increase Profits

Important Data At Your Finger Tips

GPS tracking provides valuable information to help improve efficiency and reduce paperwork. Critical data such as daily mileage, speed, stop times, plus much more are readily available. Efficient Fleets gives you the data you need when you need it.

GPS tracking truck inspection
  • Automatically Calculate Daily Mileage
  • State Mileage Report
  • Setup Preventive Maintenance Reminders
  • Reduce Excessive Engine Idling
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Available

Safe Driving Brings Peace of Mind

Safe Driving Lowers Liability

Excessive speeding is a leading factor in vehicle accidents. One severe accident is enough to give you more than a headache. It can ruin your business. GPS tracking provides the kind of information that you need to make sure that your employees are driving safely. It helps you easily identify your best drivers and those that need additional coaching to do better.

Prevent excessive speeding
  • Stop Excessive Speeding
  • Monitor Hard Braking and Turning
  • Easy to Understand Driver Scorecard
  • Coach Drivers to Improve Safety

Reduce Stress With An Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

We Make ELDs Easy

The FMCSA has mandated the use of ELDs by 2017 to comply with Hours-of-Service regulations. Get a head of the game by investing in an affordable ELD from Efficient Fleets. Our easy-to-use ELD works on any Android smart phone or tablet.

Electronic logging devices eliminate the need for paper logs and help reduce the amount of errors in reporting. They can make your operations more efficient by reducing the amount of paper work and storage requirements.

Electronic logbooks
  • Avoid Expensive HOS Fines
  • Easily Mange HOS Compliance
  • No Paper,No Filing, No Document Storage
  • Update Duty Status Via Smart Phone or Tablet

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