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Why Do Landscapers Need GPS Tracking?

Control over operations is critical to running a successful landscaping business. A GPS tracking system from Efficient Fleets delivers the control you need.

Watch your crews from the comfort of your office or home. You can even track them while you are on vacation.

GPS tracking can make sure your crews are honest and trustworthy. Every stop is recorded to ensure accuracy and accountability.

  • Prevent Side Jobs
  • Reduce Fuel Expenses
  • Quickly Find Your Vehicles
  • Improve Driver Safety
  • Reduce Liability
  • Eliminate Excessive Speeding
  • Identify Hard Braking and Rapid Acceleration

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Add More Yards To Your Schedule

Boost Your Efficiency

GPS tracking makes it easy to locate your crews and ensure on time arrival. You can easily confirm when your crews arrive and leave from the job site. You can add more yards to your schedule without adding to your expenses.

GPS tracking pushing mower
  • Verify Job Site Visits
  • Eliminate Side Jobs and Personal Errands
  • No More Phone Calls or Texts for Verification
  • Ensure On Time Arrival

Prevent Side Jobs & Increase Your Profits

A Side Job Is Like Stealing

 When an employee does a side job on your time they are taking your fuel, equipment, and labor and using it for themselves. You can easily stop this behavior by monitoring the vehicles with a GPS tracking system. Every stop is recorded with an address and accurate arrival and departure times.

GPS tracking trimming grass
  • Track Every Stop
  • Monitor Daily Mileage
  • Accurate and Accountable Information

Stop Wasting Money

Control Expenses and Boost Productivity

GPS tracking can help you control some of your biggest expenses, fuel and labor. When your vehicles are not used properly they can waste your money. Side jobs, personal errands, and excessive engine idling are expensive activities that you can easily control.

  • Stop Excessive Engine Idling
  • More Accurate Timesheets