How To Setup A Report – Milo GPS

You need to setup a report template in Milo GPS before you can view the information.

Setup a Report

1. Click Reports.

Click Reports







2. Click Report Templates. Choose the report that you want to setup by clicking on the name. Scroll down to see all the reports.

click report templates







3. Select the columns that you want to see in the report. All of the columns are selected by default. Click Next.

choose data columns







4. Choose the search criteria. The criteria could be different from the image below depending on the report you choose. Scroll down to see all the criteria. Click Next.

choose criteria









5. Choose the display options. Click Next.

choose display options






6. Type a name for the report.

name report








7. Click Finish Report.

The report should now open in a separate window. You can now run this any time report from the My Reports window.

my reports








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