How To Setup A Reminder

The Fleet Management System (FMS) can send reminders for several different items. The reminders are sent via email. They can be sent to multiple email addresses.

FMS Reminders:

  • Driver Birthday
  • Driver License Expiration
  • Driver Insurance Expiration
  • Vehicle Insurance Expiration
  • Vehicle Tag Expiration
  • Vehicle Maintenance

To setup a reminder follow the steps below. The setup is located in the Tools and Settings section of the FMS.

1. Click on Subscribe to Reminders.

2. Click on Add Reminder Subscription.


3. Select the reminder from the drop down menu.

4. Enter a subject into the Subject text box.

5. Enter an email address(s) into the To text box. Separate multiple emails by a comma.

6. Select the Group(s) that you want selected for this reminder. You will only receive a reminder for the vehicles or assets that are in the selected groups.



7. Click on Save.

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