How to Setup a Mileage by State Report Template – Milo Fleet Management System

The Mileage By State report displays the miles driven in each state by vehicle. Follow the steps below setup a Mileage by State report template.

1. Open a browser and login to your Milo account.

Milo login

2. From the Dashboard…Click Reports tab.


3. Click Fleet Reports (fourth report down).

Fleets Report

4. Click Mileage By State

Note: Mileage By State is second to the bottom.

Choose Data columns that you would like in the report.
Click SHOW/HIDE button to show or remove column from the report.

Note: By default, all columns are visible in report.

Mileage by State

Click Next.

5. Choose the Date Range and the vehicles that you want in the report.

Set the “Date Range” by clicking the drop box, then choose “Group,” leave all other options the same.

Date Range

Click Next.

6. Choose Display Options.

DISPLAY: Include Grid is selected by default. To Include Chart, slide the button to the left.

Display Options

Click Next.

7. Complete Report

REPORT NAME Change name of report by typing a new name in the box.

Complete Report

All options remain the same.

Click Finish Report.

8, Once the template is created, return to My Reports and click Fleet Reports.

My Reports

Click the name of the report to view.

9. This is what the report template will look like. (“Test Report” is the name given for this instructional.)

Test Report

Next step will be How to Setup a Report Subscription.

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