How To Prevent Side Jobs & Personal Errands

How Do Side Jobs and Personal Errands Affect Your Bottom Line?

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Side jobs and personal errands are a huge problem for service companies, such as plumbers, landscapers, electricians, and other similar businesses. The impact that this type of activity can have on your bottom line is huge. Your technician is using the company’s resources (fuel, equipment, time) for his or her personal gain.

The driver has a degree of freedom that your office staff does not have. They are allowed to drive an expensive asset loaded with thousands of dollars in tools and equipment. There is very little control that an owner or manager has without a monitoring The Red Shoes 1948 film now

A GPS tracking system gives the control that you need to effectively manage your field staff. It monitors the vehicle’s movement 24 hours per day. You can easily review a vehicle’s history to see if a driver was off task.

GPS tracking can give you peace of mind and more profits.

5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Help Prevent Side Jobs and Personal Errands

1. Inform Drivers That They Are Being Monitored

Observed Behavior Changes

2. Put a Landmark Around the Driver’s Home

Receive Alert If Driver Goes Home

3. Create a Landmark Around Customer Locations

Accurately Record Arrival and Departure Times

4. Review Trip Report Periodically

Look For Inconsistencies

5. Compare Daily Mileage Report

Check For Spikes In Mileage

Efficient Fleets is a logistics company that uses GPS tracking and mapping to make your fleet safer, more efficient, and less expensive. To learn more about how GPS tracking can prevent side jobs and improve customer service please contact us for a free demo.

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