How to Create a Maintenance Schedule

Vehicle Maintenance
You can schedule vehicle maintenance reminders and keep maintenance records for all the vehicles in your system. You can schedule maintenance based on odometer, engine hours, or date. You can track all types of maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotation, or brake inspections. All maintenance schedules and service records are maintained at the vehicle level.

There are two pieces to vehicle maintenance, maintenance schedule and maintenance history. The maintenance schedule section is where you add the type of maintenance you want to track. The maintenance history section is where you track maintenance that was performed on the vehicle. Each maintenance record can have detailed line items about the service(s) that were performed.

Create a Maintenance Schedule
To create a maintenance schedule you have to edit a vehicle first. Click on the pencil next to a vehicle name before you follow the steps below.

1. Click on Maintenance Schedule tab.
2. Click Add New Maintenance Schedule.
3. Click on the Operation dropdown menu to select the type of maintenance to schedule. If you want to add a new one click Add.
4. Click on the Interval Odometer (mile) to create a schedule based on odometer.
5. Enter a number into the Interval Odometer (mile) textbox. The number should be when you want to be reminded. For example, if you want to change oil every 3,000 miles enter 2,800 to be reminded 200 miles before the oil change is due.
6. Click on the Save button (located at the bottom of the Maintenance Schedule Editor).
Vehicle Maintenance 1

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