Car Accident Verified By GPS Tracking

Quickly Locate the Car Accident

A client called me the other day about a car accident. One of his drivers was in a minor fender bender. He wanted to know if his GPS tracking system had any info to help him. He specifically wanted to know if the driver was where the accident happened and how fast he was driving prior to the accident.

Both of these things could easily be done with the GPS tracking. I showed him how to quickly find the location of the accident and then to see if the vehicle was there. Once the client found the location of the vehicle he was able to see the vehicle’s speed before the accident.

This information helped him to quickly determine if the employee was telling the truth. He was able to verify the location and the speed in a just a few minutes.

car accident

Please note that most GPS tracking devices are not black box recorders. In other words, they are not designed to record all of the vehicle’s activity right before and after an event like an accident. Most of them are designed to send information, such as vehicle speed and location every 60 seconds.

GPS tracking can benefit fleets of any size. The ability to know where your vehicles are at any time and where they were is extremely valuable. If you have any questions please contact us at 888-777-4510.

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Michael Goldberg

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