Automate Mileage Reports

Mileage ReportAutomate Mileage Reports

Trucking companies need to calculate the miles each truck drives in their fleet for a variety of reasons. They need to keep up with routine maintenance, calculate trip cost, pay IFTA fuel taxes, and much more.

Traditionally calculating mileage was a tedious, manual task. It often involved a paper, pencil, and clipboard. The driver would write the odometer at the beginning and end of his trip. Someone in the office would have to enter the data into a spreadsheet and then calculate the miles driven. This could take hours or days depending on the size of the fleet.

The amount of time spent recording and calculating mileage is both inefficient and costly to the company. The time spent could be used in a more productive manner.

GPS Tracking Automatically Calculates Mileage

A GPS tracking system can eliminate the time and money wasted in manually calculating the miles each truck drives. The system automatically calculates the mileage. This eliminates the time spent collecting, storing, and calculating mileage.

GPS tracking makes mileage calculations:

1. Easy
2. More Accurate
3. Less Time Consuming

Easy to Use

The user simply runs a mileage report to see how many miles each truck has driven. There is no need to work with a complicated spreadsheet. The report can be run at anytime to check on mileage.

More Accurate

GPS calculated mileage reports are more accurate than mileage collected and calculated by hand. Paper logs depend on the driver to write down the odometer and for someone else to enter the data into a spreadsheet. The manual data entry can allow errors to creep in. With a GPS tracking system the entire data entry process can be eliminated.

Save Time

Automated GPS mileage saves time. Both drivers and office staff will no longer have to spend time collecting, calculating, and storing odometer values. This can reduce operating expenses and increase efficiency.streaming movie Gifted 2017

GPS tracking provides many benefits to trucking companies. One of the greatest benefits is automated mileage reports. They are easy to use, more accurate, and they save time. If you own or manage a trucking company without using GPS then you are leaving money on the table.

Efficient Fleets is a logistics company that uses GPS tracking and mapping to make your fleet safer, more efficient, and less expensive. For more information please contact us.

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